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Top Ten Tips on Using Condoms!

Using condoms is essential to a happy sex life! Because ... if your sex life is going to involve a penis, then condoms are the only way to ensure that you can reduce the risks of disease while enjoying your sexual pleasures.

Taking risks doesn't celebrate your sexiness ... it just proves your stupidity.


Condoms are an incredibly cool invention. They prevent disease and, if you're willing to give them a chance ... they can be fun! Several hundred years ago, people made condoms out of pigs' bladders ... but today we can buy condoms that science and technology have almost perfected for our safety and enjoyment.

When condoms fail, it is almost always because they've not been used properly. So here are the top ten tips for using condoms:

Purchase! Get a supply of the condoms that suit you best:

Use latex condoms. Brands such as Lifestyle, Trojans, Kimono, or Protex are usually reliable. Natural skin condoms feel good, but do not prevent diseases. If you or your partners are allergic to latex (it might give you a rash or irritation), try the polyurethane condom called Avanti.

You may find you want to use a special condom to suit your special needs:

If you are uncircumcised, you may need a condom, such as Maxx, which is wider at the head.

If your condom tends to slip off during sex, you might try a condom such as Mentor which has an elasticized band at the base.

If your erect penis is unusually thick or long, you may need a condom such as Trojan Plus or Magnum. But know that there is no penis that is "too big for a condom" – when properly used, any regular condom can fit over any penis any time.
Prepare for sex!

Take care of your condoms... store them somewhere handy (you never know when you may need them) ... but somewhere cool and dry (latex rots if it gets too warm, like in the back pocket of your pants for too long). Also, check the expiration date on the package... never use condoms that are too old, or that are in a package that has been opened by someone else, or that have been left out of their package, or that have been kept in a warm place.

Practice putting them on! Don't wait until you're in the heat of a sexual situation, get used to putting them on ahead of time. Then, when it's time for sex with a partner, you'll know what's what.
Get smart with condoms! Know how to use condoms properly!

Use care to roll the condom down the shaft of your penis as soon as you get erect. (If you're uncircumcised, you'll probably need to pull your foreskin back before putting the condom on). Pinch the reservoir at the top of the condom so that there's no air bubble trapped inside the condom (air bubbles can cause breakages).

Beware of jewelry or sharp fingernails as these can cause small rips or tears in a condom (which later lead to breakages).

Keep the condom firmly on your penis until you ejaculate. Then, if you are inside your partner withdraw and carefully remove the condom and dispose of it. Use a new condom each time you come inside your partner.

Lubricate! Your condom will probably come with some lubrication inside, and this may contain a disinfectant called Nonoxynol which effectively kills diseases. For the pleasures of intercourse without discomfort, you will probably want to use additional lubricant on the outside of the condom... use only water-soluble lubricants that do not irritate you or your partner... never use petroleum-based lubricants or other oils or jellies because these will rot latex and cause damage to your condoms.

Talk! Talk with your partners... talk with your friends... about condom use. Tell your partners that you're using condoms because you value yourself, and you value them. If your partner is a man, tell him that you dig men who use condoms and who know how to use condoms... let's be real, sex can be the greatest pleasure there is, but it's no fun to give or get a disease.
Have Fun!

Make Condoms Sexy! Learn how to talk about them, to put them on yourself sexily, or – if your partner's a man – to put them on your partner sexily. If you choose to have fun, condoms can be exciting and sexy. Worrying about disease isn't sexy, it's a drag.
In addition to condoms over the erect penis, find out about how using latex covering for oral sex (going down on a man, or going down on a woman) can prevent diseases spread through the mouth... Also, for women who dig vaginal sex, find out about the "female condom" which is usually called "Reality"...

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